A step by step guide to Freelancing; All you need to get started in Freelancing.


         By Ajayi Goodness
         Creativemindea | August 1, 2021

It was at the close of the year 2019, when I started my online business with just a thousand naira {N1,000} and I made N50,000 that same week.

But Before then, I had invested in some businesses that did not yield any result, so I had to spend out of my school fees which I called borrow then to buy some foodstuff & do business {hahaha}

Unfortunately, I also failed this time, Spending beyond what I intended and I was left with just a Thousand Naira. {N1,000}

 As at then,  I had no skill to offer, so what I did was to notice a trending skills that is in demand and I decided to learn it.

The skills I learnt then was Video Animation. I learnt this skill with my Smartphone only and it was then I realized that most of these skills do not even require you to have a Laptop before you can make a quality service.

And this was the last action I took that saved me by investing the last N1,000 with me on an online skill training I stumbled on and I enrolled for. It was then I determined that this time, I must succeed on this business at all cost.. Since this is the last penny I had on me.

After joining the training, I start as a FREELANCER to offer my new learnt skill on Fiverr and I started earning my money by making animations videos for individuals and organizations and also by training those that wants to learn animation using their Smartphone only with just little fee.

I was able to upgrade my skills and grow my business till this point where I now have a digital brand and several businesses which grew my income till date.

The truth is that, In this digital world, you do not need to move an inch from the comfort of your home before you start earning money. Freelancing has an edge over other numerous ways of earning online because you can monetize your skills without having a website or an office..

 Companies will always demand for digital skills to market their brands & products and also for promotional purpose.  There are many who has those skills but do not realize how high the demand is for their skills.

This course will not only guide you on how to monetize your skills and build a sustainable income for yourself but will also help you find the exact people who need your skill and are ready to pay for it

The most interesting part is that in this book, I revealed the Strategy you can use to make money as a Freelancer even if you have no Skill at all.


Offline businesses are now taking their business online in order to connect with many people and promote their business online. Freelancing is one of the easiest ways to begin making money online, 

This is why I always recommend trying it out – regardless of where you’re at in life right now.

I also recommend FREELANCING business model because: This program works for anyone even if you are totally broke. You do not need to spend a dime to get started and you don't have to be a computer guru to start earning your income with this program.  {you can even use your Smartphone only};

 This program works best for;

  • •Those who want to earn income apart from their jobs/workplace
  • •Students who do not want to depend fully on parents for basic needs in school or for their social lives
  • •Those who wants to work on their own free and leisure hour to earn some extra cool cash maybe on weekends
  • Those who lives in rural areas where there is a lack of good employment opportunities.
  • •Those who wants to make money on their skills by working for different clients
  • Stay at home Moms that want to earn their income while indoor all days
  • •Freelancing also works best in pandemic periods when movement is restricted because people can work online to earn daily income
  • The good news about freelancing is that everyone can become one even if you don’t have any skill.
We all have certain skills that the world need just that we haven’t discovered what we are good at.
How do we know these skills, and how to monetize our skills is all what this book is concerned about.

  • You can become a freelancer even when retired and you want to earn income for survival right from the comfort of your bedroom.
  • You can start freelancing if you are gifted in writing, most especially ladies who like to write. (Writing skills are in high demand in this digital world, if you can start your freelancing journey on that, it’s a nice one!).

Now, Let me ask you this; If you are locked down in a room and asked to make N400,000(Naira) in a month using your smartphone only,


What if this One-Time-Payment of N2,999 {$6} will be the one to change your Financial status?.

 You May Ask;

  • I don't have money, can I still become a freelancer?
  • Will this kind of business works for people of my age?
  • Can I do this alongside my daily job
  • Can I do this with my smartphone
  • Will I spend any money on adverts
  • Will I be asked to pay additional fee for supports. The answer to all these questions is that YOU CAN GET ALL STARTED RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE & WITH WHAT YOU HAVE

In case you are having doubts about if this business model will work for you or not, my answer to that is - IT WILL WORK FOR YOU. See testimonies here

Well, this program is available today at a 40% Discount for the Early birds which means that if you come back in the next 30 minutes, the price might have gone up to its normal price.

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