I Am a Digital Entrepreneur and I do Creative works In the Space of Online Businesses & Investments.

Books by Goodness

Journey To Freelancing

A Step by Step Guide to Freelancing

By Ajayi Goodness

5 Hot Businesses + Ultimate Whatsapp Marketing Strategy

The Low or No Capital Business Blueprint

Author: Ajayi Goodness

Recommended Book to read in 2021


Rich Dad Poor Dad

My Vision

My Vision is to create a world where every Individual no longer struggle to acheive financial freedom for themself by leveraging on Solid Investments & Online Businesses.

My Mision

Right from the age of 16, I have been on the journey of being an Entrepreneur and since then, I have made it my goal to help others achieve their financial freedom.

I Coach and Train on various businesses that will help you gain financial freedom through my Books, Coaching, Courses, Trainings, Mentorship and lots more